5 Candidate Red Flags When Hiring

5 Candidate Red Flags When Hiring

Hiring the ideal candidate for the company is a difficult task for hiring managers. It is a time and cost consuming process, where you have to go through endless applications and resumes.

No matter how difficult the search is, a hiring manager must perform his job well to avoid wasting time and resources of the company.

When hiring, you should make sure that the candidate is qualified. Having a great personality is also something to look out for when interviewing a potential candidate. However, you should be extra cautious when a candidate displays any red flags mentioned below.

Candidate Red Flags

Lack of punctuality

Being on time for a job interview is an absolute must. When a candidate arrives late to a meeting, it tells a lot about that person.

A candidate that isn’t punctual shows a lack of responsibility and respect. If a candidate can’t commit to arriving on time for an interview, he might always be late for meetings in the future as well.

A late candidate also displays an inability to adapt and react accordingly. No matter what sticky situation arises – making a wrong turn, terrible weather, traffic – the candidate should always arrive in time for an interview.

Candidate Red Flag

The complainer

Bad-mouthing a previous company or a past boss is an indication of a candidate that isn’t a team player. You want to hire a talent that will respect their co-workers and clients, and not throwing all of them under the bus.

If they show this type of behavior in the interview, who knows that they will say about your company when they leave. You do not need this negativity in your workplace.

Candidate Red Flag

Not following directions

You may have specific instructions for candidates when they apply for the job, and there may be further directions for a job interview. If a person can’t get a particular set of instructions or misses a step, you might have to watch out for them.

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Candidate Red Flags

Telling lies

Nobody likes a liar. A person who isn’t being honest in their resume or interview is a person that can’t be trusted when working.

Identifying a liar during an interview is crucial. Watch out for body language hints that show that person is deceptive, such as being nervous or giving vague answers.

Too polished

One of the trickiest parts of interviewing is having a candidate that is just perfect in every way. They have an impressive resume, aced the interview, and answered every question without stuttering. You might ask, isn’t that a good thing?

Not necessarily. Everyone has weakness and quirks; we’re are human after all. Behind that flawless appearance, there could be another whole story that you just can’t notice yet. If you are facing a candidate that is too good to be true, use your best judgment.


If candidates display any of these red flags in the hiring process, take note and make decisions wisely. As a hiring manager, you should always make the right choice for the company. Do not hire out of desperation and cause a potential talent to miss out on a job opportunity.

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