Advantages of an Air Curtain

Advantages of an Air Curtain

When you enter a commercial building such as a shopping mall, do you recall walking through a strong wall of air as you pass the entrance? Once you walk past the wave of air, you feel instantly cooler inside the building. Ever thought how was that and how it works?

Air curtains are on top of many entrances of business buildings and shopping centres for two main purposes: to keep outdoor air from entering, and to keep indoor air from escaping. However, there are plenty of benefits that come along with owning an air curtain.

Prevents outdoor air from entering

If your business is located in the city or at an industrial area, air pollution is an issue. Without an air curtain, you’re putting your workers and customers at risk for inhaling dust and contaminants as people walk in and out of the door.

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Saves energy

It takes energy to condition space, and even an average HVAC system requires maintenance and cleaning. A closed solid door is the best solution for saving energy, but that’s impossible for businesses where customers always walk in and out of the building. This is where an air curtain comes in and saves the day by preserving temperature differentiation.

Keeps a comfortable environment

In Malaysia where the weather is like summer all-year-round, almost all businesses have air conditioning to keep the premise cool. With an air curtain, you can keep doors open while not worrying about cold air escaping and hot air from entering. Customer will be more willing to stay around your unit if they feel comfortable.

The open door effect

Studies show that when doors of a business building are open, more people are inclined to enter, as open doors seem like an inviting gesture. Having an air curtain means you don’t have to keep doors closed to keep untreated air out, and that also means more customers to come in!


The benefits of installing an air curtain are apparent: it increases comfort, it saves energy, and it’s good for business. There’s no excuse for not having one for your business. You can even install it for your home!

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