Choosing a Credit Card That’s Right for You

Choosing a Credit Card That’s Right for You

At some point in this life, most people will probably realize that it is worthwhile to have at least one Credit Card, Debit Card or Charge Card. So say you’re looking for a credit card, which one do you need to get? What aspect do you need to compare? This article will explain to all the confused buyers.

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For Anyone Who Need Fast Cash

Cash-rebate credit card can be used to collect cash advance. There are 2 ways. Firstly, is to use your credit card at any ATM to make withdrawals with the correct PIN code. Remember that there are 2 costs to consider when using your credit card for the cash advance which is the cash advance fee, normally 5% of total and also, cash advance interest rates are usually 18% per annum calculated on a daily basis. The second method is to get cash loans, sometimes known as cash for cash facilities. This type of card provides rewards in the form of cash rebates. A small amount of expenses that you make will be refunded. The form of return can be in cash, check, or credit to your credit card account.

For The Faithful Muslims

For an easy explanation, Islamic credit card operates based on Shariah principles. Among the principles involved are Tawarruq (commodity contract), Bai Al’Inah (contract involving sale and repurchase of assets by the seller), Ujrah (payment in exchange for services, benefits, and privileges). And Islamic credit cards generally do not charge any compound charges, and cannot be used to make transactions that oppose Islamic law such as gambling, buying alcohol, etc.

For The Travelling Freak

This card is for you to convert all expenses, for all or several categories to Air Miles or its easy language, reward points. Point that you can change to various types of rewards or rewards that your credit card issuer has to offer. Usually comes with the benefit of flight frequency and airport. Best for people who regular travel to book cheaper tickets, or upgrade flight packages and so on.

For The Road Warriors

Which is, specially designed for you who spend a lot of time on the road or a travel sales people. Provide high rebate rates on petrol purchases. Usually, these cards come with great petrol benefits including cashback for oil as well as special discounts near petrol stations. If you’re the type that always goes for a car and spend a lot of money on fuel every month, this is best for you. Furthermore, this card has the potential to save you money for a long time.

All in All

When choosing a credit card, one should look into all the various dimensions, then decide which card to suit your lifestyle before applying. However, when you get your credit card, remember to pay your balance on time if you can!