Interesting Attractions in Desaru

Interesting Attractions in Desaru

Are you tired of your work life? Do you need a break from your job and the stressful environment around you? Well, look no further, for Desaru could be your next vacation destination.

Desaru is located at the southeastern part of Johor Bahru, and it’s away from the bustling city. Chilling at the beaches in Desaru is a favourite activity among tourists, but there are other exciting Desaru attractions you can do:

Tanjung Balau Fishermen Museum

If you’re a fan of history, then you’ll probably enjoy this fishermen museum. It was built on one of Johor’s oldest fishing village in 1992, overlooking the South China Sea.

Visitors can learn about the lives of a fisherman, the way of living in fishing villages and observe fishing artefacts and tools from the fishermen families all over the country. Other galleries in this museum include the Geology Gallery, the Sea Gallery, and the Desaru Shipwreck Gallery.

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Desaru Coast Adventure Park

Thrill seekers are probably not content with relaxing beaches, that’s why we’re recommending the Desaru Coast Adventure Park, a water theme park fit for the young and old.

With over ten exciting rides like the Kraren’s Revenge and the Tidal Wave, fill up your day with endless fun under the sun. Just remember to apply lots of sun lotion!


Even after the sun has set, that doesn’t mean you have to retreat to your hotel room. In fact, for this attraction, it’s only available at night. The location? At a seafood restaurant called Restoran Terapung Seafood Bujang.

You’ll need to get on a boat and into a mangrove swamp to witness the fireflies in their natural environment. It’s a perfect activity just to chill and relax after a meal at the restaurant.

Desaru Ostrich Farm

Never seen the world’s largest bird before? Well, grab your chance at the Ostrich Farm in Desaru, where over 100 ostriches are staying.

Not only can you see the big birds in action, but the guides there will also tell you all about ostriches and even show you their eggs! You can get on the bird’s back for a ride if you’re the brave and daring.


So, what are you waiting for? Desaru’s the place to be if you’re looking for either a relaxing time at the beach or an exciting trip to forget your worries.

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