Why Your Psoriasis Medication Has No Effect

Why Your Psoriasis Medication Has No Effect

Psoriasis is an autoimmune disease that shows signs of skin plaques, flaky skin, and itchy skin. In this day and age of modern medicine, it is unfortunate that there is still no cure for psoriasis. However, psoriasis patients can manage their symptoms and carry on with their lives.

However, there are also situations when psoriasis medication stops working over time. There are warning signs that could mean that your psoriasis treatment isn’t useful, and here are the reasons why:

Resistance to drugs

Your body develops tachyphylaxis when it starts to resist medicine. The diminishing response to the drug causes your treatment to be ineffective, and you’ll have to look for another alternative to handle your psoriasis symptoms. This situation usually happens with topical medication.

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Feeling stressed

Your emotions also play a part in your psoriasis symptoms. It’s not uncommon for flare-ups to appear when a patient is under a lot of pressure, even after taking medication. Figure out what activities can calm you down, and it could make the difference!


Psoriasis may appear like a skin disorder to people that don’t understand the autoimmune disease. Eczema is one of the skin conditions that look similar to psoriasis. If you believe misdiagnosis is the reason your psoriasis treatment isn’t working, contact your dermatologist immediately.

Skipping doses

There could be plenty of reasons why you didn’t take your medication on time. Maybe you’re really busy, or you just forgot. Whatever the reason is, it could be why your treatment stops working as it needs to be consistently used. Use a calendar app or an alarm to remind yourself to take your medicine, or ask someone else to help you!

Skin infection

Infections can make your conditions of skin worse. They can also slow down your treatment or render them useless. Consult a dermatologist if you are experiencing an infection.


There could be many reasons why your psoriasis medication isn’t working. If you find your treatment isn’t effective anymore, talk to your dermatologist.

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